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Support   clients, families, friends, and caregivers through all aspects of the end-of-life process

Physical Support: Helping to create a safe, caring, healing environment for the conscious dying process; being present and bearing witness to the dying process. Sitting vigil.  "No one dies alone."

Emotional SupportExploring feelings & relationships
Spiritual Support: Exploring and honoring beliefs and practices
Reflective Support: Examining life's purpose & legacy

After Death Support: Helping to create a plan for, prepare for, and carry out after-death wants and arrangements

Planning and Facilitation
Facilitate caring conversations  that increase understanding of end-of-life wishes and demystify the stages of the dying process.
Educate  clients, families, friends, medical professionals, therapists, hospice workers and pastoral care givers about what it means to have a conscious death.
Help design  end-of-life vigils, celebrations of life, and funerals per the wishes of the client.

Increase  beauty, pleasure and contentment.

The death practice isn't complex, but requires intent, courage, and compassion. In the presence of death, we realize the precious gift of creation. We live with gratitude and begin to honor all of life.  -- Jonathan Ellerby, Return to the Sacred

Conscious dying involves openly exploring all the possibilities and identifying our priorities about how we choose to live and die. Making decisions and communicating those choices regarding End of Life to our significant others, families, and legal and medical representatives, both in conversation and in writing, is essential.       --Conscious Elders Network

End-of-Life Doula Services

Judy Carr  brings to her work as an end-of-life doula over 20 years of experience and study related to the needs of those at the end of life and their families -- physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and logistical needs. In addition, she is a graduate of the End-of-Life Doula Certificate Program with Tarron Estes offered through the Conscious Dying Institute in Boulder, Colorado, whose mission is:

To Restore Death to It's Sacred Place in the Beauty, Mystery and Celebration of Life, creating a new wisdom-based Culture of Care and Healing and Contribute to the Evolution of Human Consciousness. 


Judy F. Carr, Ed.D.

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Judy F Carr, Ed.D

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