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Judy F. Carr, Ed.D.

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One conversation can make all the difference.

Facilitated Conversations

Judy Carr​ earned her doctorate in Educational Administration and Policy Studies at the University of Vermont. She has worked extensively with school districts, non-profit organizations, and community groups to facilitate conversations, teach others how to facilitate essential dialogues, and to help others to plan crucial conversations. She has experience using the Best 3 Months of Life Coaching and Care process to support individuals to clearly reflect on, identify, and communicate their end-of life wishes. She is available to facilitate conversations with neighborhood and community groups, nursing home and assisted living facility residents and staff, schools and other non-profit organizations, family groups and other organizations and groups. 

​Judy Carr facilitates conversations in communities small and large about issues of critical importance to individuals, partnerships, families, work teams, and other groups in any locale who share questions and common interests, concerns, and dreams. ​For example:

  • Conversations About Death and Dying in which interested community members meet together to explore end-of-life perspectives, questions, issues, and options. The more we are able to talk with one another about death and dying, the more likely we will be to have a conscious death.

  • End of Life Care Planning with individuals who are in the process of dying, with families, or with small groups of community members who value working together to clarify and communicate their end of life wishes and the actions they will take to bring these to reality.

  • Conversations About Women's Issues with groups of women, particularly women approaching and planning for retirement and beyond.

  • Educational Dialogues  with people who have experienced trauma or with those who work with them professionally. ​

  • Organization Planning Meetings  for non-profit organizations committed to making the world a better place.

  • Dialogues about  school or community response to trauma.

  • Book and Article Study Sessions on a variety of topics.

  • Retreats for more in-depth discussion, experience and planning related to death and dying, women's issues, trauma, and educational issues.